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    Hello! What I'm saying is for anyone who doesn't feel inspired by writing as much as they used to, or when someone is on a writing block! Daleko, I know that I just joined Writer's Dream, but I have some advice that will work if you really do feel inspired by writing. You said you don't feel inspiration for writing. Well, here's the perfect solution: I normally don't have a plan on what I'm going to write. You keep trying to think of something to write about, and you're not coming up with anything, and you think you have lost your inspiration for writing. The problem is, your trying to think about what to write too much. Don't think about what you should write about, unless if you really have an idea of what to write about and have it planned out perfectly, just write. I know it sounds confusing, after all, writing can require some thinking time. But, if you're not feeling any ideas, then you should start writing. How you can start writing without any clue of what to write about, or any ideas? Here's how: If your the type that describes things like the settings, how the trees sway in the wind, how the leaves fly everywhere, how the mice and creatures duck for cover in their shelter to protect themselves from the dangerous storm, and makes long stories, then you should start with that. I like to write stories that include animals, cats for the most part. I love describing nature and every little detail. Normally, I write stories that include cats, mostly as the main characters. So now I'll start a story is by starting with nature. Here is an example: A soft breeze rustled the leaves around it, blowing them into the night sky. Stars gleamed above, twinkling bright in the night. The moon shone on a small clear pool, casting its reflection. The pool shook when a leaf gently fell, giving up trying to stay on the tree above. Lush green grass waved as a cold breeze suddenly passed through it. Just like that, I already have a beginning for a story. I didn't really think of what I should write. I just described things in nature. Nature can have a lot of things to describe, and I'm not really the type that likes to write about humans, unless if it's from an animals' perspective. I prefer writing about animals and nature rather than humans . . . er, people, but that's just me. Don't just write about how the moon shines on a pool, casting its reflection, and how the soft breeze rustles the leaves around it, write about something you like to write about; if you like to write about people, write about it. If you like to write about other things, write about those things. Here's an example for if you like to write about people(forgive me if it isn't so good; I'm used to describing and writing about nature and animals): She turned around to face a man with handsome blue eyes, a brown shirt, and a pair of blue-gray jeans, and light brown skin. Suddenly, the world around her didn't feel real. She had never seen or met this man before, but already she felt something for him. She gazed into his bright blue eyes, not knowing what to say. I just randomly, without thinking, put a girl in the main character slot, since I am female, put a man after her, described the man, and then put in some feelings. I wasn't planning to make this a romance scene, or anything. I wasn't thinking of what I should write about. I just started writing, and after finishing that piece, I corrected any grammar errors. I have Grammarly, which I also highly recommend, and it helps me with grammar errors. So, I'm hoping that your understanding what I'm saying. Here's a finished example of the first example I showed you, not too long; long enough for you to understand what I mean: A soft breeze rustled the leaves around it, blowing them into the night sky. Stars gleamed above, twinkling bright in the night. The moon shone on a small clear pool, casting its reflection. The pool shook when a leaf gently fell, giving up trying to stay on the tree above. Lush green grass waved as a cold breeze suddenly passed through it. A mouse stuck its nose in the air, sensing danger. As it tried to find the direction the danger was coming from, a shadow suddenly cast over it. Before the mouse could react, teeth met its neck, and the mouse went limp. The mouse's predator revealed itself as it crept out of the shadows of the trees, and into the moonlight. It was a beautiful white she-cat, with jet-black paws and odd-eyes; one was yellow, the other was blue. The cat calmly walked towards the moonlit pool and placed the rodent on the pool's soft bank. She sat down on the bank, the mouse in front of her jet-black paws. She waited a couple of heartbeats there before some bushes shook, and out of the bushes came another cat. It was a long-haired gray Main Coon tabby tom, with a white muzzle, chest, paws, and tail-tip. The tom walked towards the she-cat and lay down on the bank beside her. The she-cat offered him the mouse, and he gratefully wolfed it down. "Welcome, Zulu." the she-cat mewled, breaking the silence that had started to yawn down. "Sunset," the tom nodded in greeting. "How's prey running for you?" "Well enough, thank you", Sunset purred. "I have called you here to hear this: The moon pool has called me in my dreams. I was running fast in my dream, like never before, and for some reason, my paws led me to the moon pool. It didn't speak to me because it wanted me to summon everyone first." Zulu nodded. "The moonpool only summons everyone when there is a great danger. If it would have spoken to you to tell you something individually, then it wouldn't have been as important." The she-cat and tom exchanged knowing glances before touching their noses to the cold surface of the moonpool. I don't want to write too much, but that's an example. As you can see, I made it so that if I continue the story, there will be a full and interesting story. I think this reply to the forum is a bit too long, but it's okay because I want to help you. Just write a beginning. From there, continue to write. Loss yourself in the dimension. You'll eventually come to a part where you can make it interesting, like the one I just made. Think about what I said, and try it. Some people like to plan before writing, and others like to just write with or without a plan. Even if your the type that likes to plan and think of ideas before starting to write, try what I said. I'm not trying to let you down, but I'm letting you know this: I tried art once, but I soon gave up on it. After a while, I tried it again. I soon stopped again, but I got back up. That was the final battle. I know this sounds like it shouldn't let you down, but let me finish. In the end, it was the final battle because I gave up art. I realized that I couldn't do art. I only decided to try art because I wanted to get better at it. But I was never inspired by art. It sounds like I'm letting you down and doesn't seem like I'm helping you get up, but that's not the point; I haven't finished. I was never inspired by art in the first place. That's my point. See, writing was a whole different story. I was always inspired by writing. It probably doesn't make sense what I'm saying. What I mean is that because I was never inspired by art, I gave up on it; because I was inspired by writing, I loved it and never gave up on that. Here's what I think will help you the most: If your inspired by writing and/or feel something for writing, then you'll keep getting up, and in the final battle, you will win! Anyway, I hope this helps you and anyone who needs help finding their inspiration for writing! Good luck!
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    Hello everyone! I'm new here! I'm a crazy cat lover, speak and write English, speak Spanish, and I have two pets. One is a dog, his name is Fluffy(male, Shih Tzu), and the other is a fish, Rosy(male, goldfish)! I LOVE writing, and writing inspires me so much! I've tried art before, but I'm in an art block a lot of the time; truth be told, I don't feel any inspiration for art. Unlike art, writing is my life!