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  • Babelfish, tales from the Aquarium Age

    Gino Pitaro
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    With “Babelfish, tales from the Aquarium Age”, Gino Pitaro describes a reality which is divided into countless small pieces but existing as a single unit at the same time. The background theme to all the stories is the “existencial nomadism”, that is to say the ability to live in the world’s enlarged atmosphere, making our way between multiple sociocultural influences. From Spain to Singapore, from Rome to Geneva, from London to Kandahar all the way to Saint-Tropez, the protagonists draw some sort of “melting pot”, a multiple reality which takes shape throughout the narration. Seven different stories and seven protagonists linked by the same approach to life, by the same condition of the soul which deals with what it sees while looking for the reasoned analysis and for revealing details. The intersection with others and the cultural osmosis are the heart of these different - but equal - lives.
    The stories can be read both in sequential or chronological order and on parallel tracks, as if dealing with multiple doppelgangers of the same protagonist, faced with different destinies. To each story a different aspect of life to be known.

    Gino Pitaro is an italian fiction writer. He was born in Vibo Valentia on the 7th of july, 1970. He currently lives in Rome and has been carrying out several activities, including those of editor and documentary filmmaker. In 2011 he releases “I giorni dei giovani leoni” (ASE), one of the most appreciated underground books of 2012. He then publishes “Babelfish” (2013) and “Benzine” (2015) – both edited by Ensemble. These two books win several international awards. In 2019 it’s the turn of “La vita Attesa” (Golem editions) and in 2020 of the ensay “Medjugorje, i segreti rivelati. Guida ai tempi nuovi.”

    “Babelfish, tales from the Aquarium Age” is a new edition of the italian literary success, translated into english and enriched with an unpublished story. The aspiring readers from all over the world – after many requests – can now read it in their mother thongue.


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    Isbn: 979873258087
    Asin: B091PR7YFY
    Numero di Pagine: 215
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